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Achieving good Nutrition doesn’t have to include tasteless, bland diet food and it doesn’t require that you eat prepackaged shakes or bars provided from a “health food” company. To me healthy eating should incorporate many delicious, vibrant foods that are satisfying and readily available. It doesn’t require you to measure your food, count calories, or carry a weigh scale around and it doesn’t mean that you can never eat in your favourite restaurant again. It means learning small tips and tricks to navigate the grocery store, and the menus you frequently order from and to update the recipes you are currently using. It means getting back to the basics to where real food and real nutrition meet. It means less commercially prepared products and more home made meals. It means finding balance and discovering the wonderful heath benefits abundantly packaged in delicious, nutritious food.

– Paige Campbell Holistic Nutritionist, BA.

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    Sports Nutrition

    Whether you are learning to run or working towards you fastest marathon time the nutrients that you provide your body help determine your success! Food is not only the fuel you need for your sport…

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    Weight Loss

    How many times have you heard “its just calories in and calories out”? And yet it seems no matter how low you reduce your intake those pounds just won’t come off? The truth is that there could be many other factors…

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    Disease Prevention

    Are there hereditary diseases in your family that have you worried about your future health? Are you or someone that you love already struggling with the signs and symptoms of a disease process?

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    Anti Aging

    Stop throwing your money away on creams, serums, and potions that promise surgery-like results and come get a program that is custom designed for you and your specific anti-aging concerns…